Audio-scripts for VEF History Museum

VEF (State Electrotechnical Factory) is an iconic company. While making the new exposition, VEF History museum invited “Kolektīvs” to create some of the exposition’s texts: scripts for audial content and texts for the digital exposition. They had to be brief and engaging, bringing together factual information and the atmosphere of the particular era.
The timeline spanned across almost all of the 20th century. Starting in the 30s, when radio receivers were big enough to deserve a separate table, radios were turned on in specific hours and “sitting and listening to the radio’’ was a real thing. Until the 90s, when radio receivers were everywhere, turned on 24/7 and being the main sources of information, just as social networks are nowadays.

ClientVEF History Museum TeamZane Zajančkauska, Ilze Kalnbērziņa-PrāAttēlsDesigner Ādolfs Irbīte sketch. 1955. VEF Vm 659. VEF History Museum Year2019

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