Museum of Anatomy. Souvenir – a notebook

The Anatomy Museum of Riga Stradins University stores more than 40 preparations of kidney variations. All these kidneys once filtered blood, participated in the creation of blood cells, and other processes essential to human life. The pictures of the kidneys in the notebook were drawn for the study for the first Latvian anatomy professor Jēkabs Prīmanis on the atypical location of the kidneys Dystopia renis congenita als atavistische Erscheinung (1924).
Kidney preparations can be seen in the RSU Anatomy Museum along with many other exhibits that allow you to get to know the diversity of the human body, moreover, to get to know it for real – to see what is usually visible only to a surgeon or an anatomist.

ClientThe Rīga Stradiņš University Anatomy MuseumTeamZane Zajančkauska, Ilze Kalnbērziņa-PrāFotoMareks GaidamovičsYear2020

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