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Travelling exhibition “Let’s talk about fashion!”

A travelling exhibition about Latvian fashion from the 1950s to the present day was commissioned by the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. “Let’s talk about fashion!” was conceived as an event of public diplomacy; its exhibition locations – Latvian embassies abroad.
We decided to complicate the task – to talk not only about fashion “success stories”, but to reveal the connection between fashion trends and the political and social context; regarding the design – to create a travelling exhibition that also allows us to display authentic objects. We created “Let’s talk about fashion!” in five thematic sections: “Who’s in Charge?” pays attention to how not only fashion trends change over time, but also the way we talk about them. “Opposition” tells about people who have deliberately chosen to stand against the prevailing fashion trends. The section “Everyday” is about fashion outside of fashion magazines, while the section “The Power of Tradition” focuses on Latvians’ tireless interest in ethnographic articles. The final part of the exhibition – “Showcase”, shows outfits and accessories created by modern fashion designers (for example, the brands “QooQoo”, “Amoralle”, “MAREUNROL’S”, Natalia Jansones).
The exhibition uses materials from the LNB collection, as well as other Latvian memory institutions.

Client Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European UnionTeamNational Library of Latvia, Signe Valtiņa, Karīna Bandere, Inga Vovčenko, Eva Ausēja, Silva Suhaņenkova, Edīte Parute, Dzintars Volmanis, Roberts Strautmanis, Anete Krūmiņa, Jevgēnijs SisojevsCuratorZane ZajančkauskaVideoToms TaukulisFotoMadara Lesīte-VolmaneYear2015

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