About us

“Kolektīvs” since 2016 is formed by designer Ilze Kalnbērziņa-Prā, curator Zane Zajančkauska. It is a collective that expands and transforms, temporarily fuses with other collectives to develop and shape ideas – most often exhibitions, book designs, sometimes other interpretative formats – games, events, communication strategies, and brand identities.
We are interested in memory institutions with their never-ending narrative potential; we are interested in exhibitions as spatial experiences that enchant, while also leaving enough freedom for the visitor to think, feel and engage in a capacity of research and exploration.
Each project has its beginning, core, or main character – sometimes it’s the museum, sometimes post-internet, a tightly filled notebook, diplomacy ambitions or a sensual mood.
Values, attitude and intonation are also important – the relationships we create with each other and the world through the particular exhibition, design or text. Therefore, collaborations, all of which are outward-facing – showing, publishing, and making available – are also always an exciting process for the collective working on them, developing ideas together, discussing and influencing each other.

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